Not so productive.

Another day has gone. Drawing closer to Business Maths paper. Stressed? NOO! not yet. What did I do? Had lunch with Dick, Joel and Melissa at a chinese restaurant. Not bad. And after that we tried to STUDY. Watched “Deal or No Deal” hoping the person would get only 1penny but unfortunately no. And went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2. EPIC! Great one I have to admit. And ran under the rain to Albion Kebab shop to have our late dinner. Joel, stealing the show with a formal blazer, jeans and SLIPPERS. Normal eh. Joel had so much fun walking under the rain as he slipped and almost fell a few times. That’s sums up the “Creative” monkey’s day. A picture to show you guys! 😀


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Caught Red Handed

A picture I saw in a website I would love to share!

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This is what I am.

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Matchbox 20 – These Hard Times

Hey all! One of my favourite songs. Enjoy! 🙂

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In the second term of the Business Foundation, I have subjects like Foundation English Studies 2, CIT and Business Maths. In these subjects, I study different modules. In Foundation English Studies 2, we are required to write synthesises. Students have to read a few texts and write the important points into an essay. Besides that, we are also taught to


summarise a data from a table given. In CIT, we are required to do presentations in front of the class through Microsoft PowerPoint. Other than that, we are taught how to use other computer programmes like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Publisher. Students are taught to apply mathematical skills in business in Business Maths. We learn how to solve equations of graph to get the equilibrium of the demand and supply of the graph. The teacher also taught us statistics which are very useful in business purposes.

All the three subjects I study vary a lot. I learn to improve my English skills in the aspect of speaking, listening and writing in Foundation English Studies 2. This term, we have course works involving writing, listening and speaking. In CIT, we are taught to use the computer to help us in business purposes instead of speaking, writing and listening. We learn to make tables, presentations and many more in CIT classes. Business Maths is all about numbers, graphs and algebras. We are taught to solve equations, sketch graphs and others to help us in business in the future.

I had learned many things about myself even though this is a short term. From CIT class, I learned that it is not the end of the world when you are presenting in the public. I found presenting my ideas in front of my classmates very productive and I enjoy it. I always have low confidence in myself before that but after presenting in front of my class; I learned that I gained my confidence. I always thought my writing skills were not up to standard but after the results of my writing course works came back, I excelled a lot this term in Foundation English Studies 2. It all comes back to confidence that I had gained this term. In Business Maths, I learned that the old saying “Practice makes perfect” is true. Honestly, I used to copy most of my Maths homework. But this term, I decided to do them on my own. Even though my Maths is not perfect but I understood a lot.


This term, when I heard I had CIT classes, I said to myself, “Oh dear! I only use my computer to play games!” So I had problems to use all the programmes like a genius. Towards the end, I realised I do not have to be a genius to master the programmes. With the help of my teacher, Mr Dominic Pates, I learnt how to master the programmes comfortably. My listening skills had not been perfect as I always dream when I am supposed to pay attention when I am having listening tests in English classes. My teacher, Miss Sara Varennes-Cooke had assisted me a lot to improve my listening skills by giving the class listening practices. Maths has always been one of my weakest subjects. Fortunately, having Dr. Nancy Roach who is very experienced as my teacher, I learnt a lot in Business Maths. One thing I am proud about it is that I do not have to copy my Maths homework anymore!


During my years in high school, I always thought algebras are never going to be important in Business. But this term, after I studied Business maths, I was proved wrong. Algebras is very efficient in solving business problems like finding out investments made by a person. I had always thought that computers are too complicated and not that necessary in businesses. But my opinion changed when I finally found out with the computers, lots of precious time can be saved like saving a business data in a computer instead of filing them in piles.


As I got to stay with my same classmates in the second term, we got closer. We got to know each other more in this term. Our personal tutor, Mr Andy Gray decided to bring the whole class to a pub, Yeoman to have dinner and we really had so much fun. For the

J/Bus A (Note: EPIC JOEL!)

teachers, I got to know them and different teachers have different experts. Overall, this has been a wonderful term for me. Without a doubt, I will miss this term in the months to come.

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Preparation For Examination

How prepared am I? That’s a good question. The answer is I don’t know. All I had been doing is sleeping all day long, computer games and other “not-so-productive” things. I thought  my Business Maths exam will be held on Wednesday, 15th June, but after Dick told me that this coming Monday is the exam, I panicked. :O What am I going to do?! I’ve been slacking all this while and now I feel stressed and there’s only 3 days left. One word. DOOMED!


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CIT In Term Two

Creative Monkey

I started CIT classes in the second term of the Business Foundation Course. There is no examination for CIT but marks are graded according to our course works in class. One of the obvious reasons why I study this course is to present ideas in the computer for daily use and also business use. Another reason I study this course is to know how to use the computer in advanced like creating blogs.

So far, I have learnt how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to present ideas with illustrations and also videos. In this module, I enjoyed doing my presentations in

Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

front of the class and also different ways people present their ideas. I have also learnt how to use Microsoft Excel. Before this I had never used Microsoft Excel before. After learning, I knew how important and useful Microsoft Excel is.

There are some things I found difficult. One of the things is to remember the formulae and to use Microsoft Excel like ABC. But with exercises I will be able to ace it. I also have difficulties in remembering all the keyboard shortcuts to save me time when I do a worksheet or a word text.

What I need to know more about is to create a blog. Not only I need to know is to create a blog but also to illustrate it and use it in an advanced way. Another thing I need to know more is the shortcuts in Microsoft Word so that they will save me time.

In class, we are taught by using the projector. The teacher uses the projector to show what and how to do something to the whole class. We are also taught by practice. We practise by doing exercises in class and enquire the teacher when we have difficulties.

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